About Us
Harris Meats is a family owned and operated business based in Cheviot, North Canterbury
Supplying quality New Zealand meat cuts to wholesale customers, restaurants, and resellers.
We provide private processing services to farmers.   We also buy stock off farmers through local stock agents.
Harris Meats sells direct to the public from our shop in Cheviot.  You can also ring or email in your orders if that suits you better.  Delivery can be arranged.
Our Credentials
Harris Meats has won numerous awards for top quality steak, lamb, bacon and sausages.



We have some vacancies for good workers at the moment. We need someone with good stock sense to work in our yards and do general abattoir labouring.  We also need more butchers and boning staff.  Both of these jobs are permanent ones, and normally working hours are Monday to Friday. There may be some Sunday work for the Yardman at times.

We also have a leadership role available. We need someone to manage all our areas of compliance; QA, Health & Safety, and some human resources.

If you are interested in any of these vacancies, please call us on 03 3198761 or email hr@harrismeats.co.nz


Temple Grandin visits Harris Meats

We were very honoured to host world leader in animal behaviour and welfare, Dr Temple Grandin.

She is a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University and is also internationally acclaimed for her work on improving the welfare and treatment of animals prior to slaughter. She is also world-renowned autism spokesperson, being autistic herself.

Bryan has long been a huge fan and has put into practice so many of her suggestions he discovered through watching the many videos and reading the many papers and books she has produced. She spent some time at our facilities in Domett, from doing a full factory tour through to spending time looking at the yards from where the animals arrive right through to their journey through the production process.

So for Bryan and the Harris Meats team, it was a huge boost when Dr Grandin complimented us on the unloading and yard setups and the procedures in place to ensure the best possible methods are used at our abattoir. Bryan and Dr Grandin could have spent hours talking!

Dr Grandin has a very comprehensive website which can be found on www.templegrandin.com

Thank you for the visit Dr Grandin, it was a real honour. 


From Apprentice to fully qualified Butcher!

Liam WitbrockCongratulations to Liam Witbrock who has just finished his apprenticeship at Harris Meats.

Liam came to us after his schooling at Rangiora High School and now works in our boning room. 

If you would like to take up the trade, then please get in contact with us as we are looking to take on another apprentice. Your attitude is the most important attribute you can bring to the job. You need to be willing to learn, and be prepared to work hard. Reliability is also very important, you can't just come to work when you feel like it!

We have trained many butchers over the years, and you get thorough training in all areas of butchery. 





Free Farmed Pork Only for Harris Meats

680_Pork-StripsAll the pork that we use is North Canterbury produced, and the pigs are free farmed. Our supplier uses the best farming practices, and has the tick of approval from the SPCA.  A happy pig is a free farmed pig and a happy butcher is one who can access the best pigs in the country from less than an hour away.

You will be a happy customer with our pork; we truly believe that you can't buy better pork. It is tasty, very tasty and pork is so versatile to cook with. We make bacon and sausages from it, as well as having fresh pork available for you in cuts such as chops, pork steaks, pork strips, pork belly, through to roasts and rolled pork. 


Latest Retail Price List

Here is our latest retail price list.  If you want to order anything, email us (office@harrismeats.co.nz) or give us a call on 03 3198761. 

Private Processing 

Our private processing is done in our factory under the strictest of food safety regulations.  Your meat can be cut, packed and labelled as you like.  As we are a licensed abattoir, you are legally able to sell some (or all) of it to other people.  Perhaps you want to give some away as presents - now there's an idea!

The costs to process an average weight cattle beast at Harris Meats works out at about $1.97 per kg.  That figure includes MPI inspection costs and beef levies as well as GST.  For a pig it is approximately $2.75 per kg (if you were getting a combination of pork, bacon and ham) and about $50 for each sheep, depending on its size.

We can arrange delivery of your meat back to you and to most of North Canterbury, and we can also deliver to Christchurch. 

Here's the link to our instructions form  - this itemises how you want your private processing processed.  Please fill out this form and send it to us so we can ensure you get want to you want. 

So, get on the phone and ring us today to book your stock in.  03 319 8761 or 0800 352 435 or Email info@harrismeats.co.nz


Hoof to Hook to Hotplate Results at Amberley Show 2015               

Ian GardnerCongratulations to Ian Gardiner for winning the BeefPhil & Fiona Williams with Pete Greenwood section of the H2H2H competition with his heifer - winning the taste section of the competition gave him the extra points needed. 2nd was Stoneyhurst Station, followed by Geoff Begg and Gibraltar Forrester.  The top 3 were all Angus cattle.  Here's the links to the pdf with the full results and scores: Beef Results   

In the lamb section, Fiona and Phil Williams took out the overall prize, with their Southdown Romney lamb. Stu Loe's Coopworth Texel was 2nd and in equal third was K. Sloss along with Robert & Jean Forrester.  Here's the link to the full results and scores:  Lamb Results

Masterchefs Leo, Richard & GlendaThanks to for the 3 local Masterchefs, Leo, Richard & Glenda for their cooking demonstrations and being on the judging panels.  If you want to check out the photos we took from the event, please have a look on our Facebook page.   Richard Harris Masterchef also has plenty of photos of the Masterchefs in action on his Facebook Page

If you would like to see a short video of part of our beef boning demonstration, here's the link



Richard Harris, our MasterChef! 

Leo, Richard & Glenda, the Canterbury Masterchef contestants

We were very proud of what Richard achieved as a competitor on MasterChef New Zealand.  He made it to the Top 5, which was an awesome achievement, and gained a whole lot of supporters and fans.   "The Gentleman Butcher" seemed to be a popular title for him, and he did some amazing dishes.  

Richard will be out and about a lot in the near future as he visits our customers.  He is in our Cheviot shop now and then as well. Well done Richard, and also to fellow Cantabrians Glenda (4th) and Leo (2nd).   You can follow what Richard is up to on his special Facebook page 

Got a Trade?  Got it Made! 

Liam WhitbrockThere was recently a campaign held called "Got a Trade? Got it Made." 

The campaign was designed to encourage school leavers to consider doing a trade instead of going to university. Where would we be without electricians, hairdressers, plumbers, mechanics and butchers? It's also a great opportunity to get paid as you learn, and once you are qualified, you can use those useful skills anywhere in the world. 

Harris Meats has trained many, many apprentices over the years, so many we have lost count! Some have started from school, some have come as adult apprentices. Some have gone on to earn big money boning in meat processing plants all around the world (far more than is mentioned in the article link below). Others are in supermarkets, some have moved on to other occupations but they will always find their butchering skills very useful throughout their lives. 

We currently only have one apprentice, Liam (pictured) and he is nearing the end of his time, currently more than holding his own in our boning room. We are more than happy to take on another one or two apprentices, and at Harris Meats you get to learn about the whole meat processing business and develop sought-after skills.

Anyone wanting to know more about taking up a butchers apprenticeship is more than welcome to come out to the factory for a look, talk to our staff and managers, and even do a bit of work experience before making any commitment. Just give Nick Tobin a call on 03 3198761. 



We often need more staff. We would love to employ more New Zealanders.  If you are reliable, physically fit, have any knife skills and want a job, then please contact us to see what opportunities could be available for you.  We are also welcoming applications for anyone wanting to do their butchery apprenticeship.  Phone Nick or Bryan on 03 3198 761 or send your CV to jane@harrismeats.co.nz

Here's a recent article about us on Radio NZ http://www.radionz.co.nz/news/rural/279860/immigration-policy-'won't-be-game-changer'


International Eventer, Tim Price Loves our Beef! 

Tim Price and Harris Meats beef

Originally from North Canterbury, Tim Price has been based over in the UK for some time and is ranked in the top 10 eventing riders in the world.  As well as winning the prestigious Luhmuhlen 4* 3 Day Event in Germany in 2014, he was also 2nd in the Kentucky 4* 3 Day Event and 2nd at the Burghley Horse Trials in 2015.  

Tim and his wife Jonelle (also in the top 10 of eventing riders in the world) really love our North Canterbury beef and always make sure they get some when they get a holiday back in NZ.  Here's Tim getting into one of our "Flintstone" steaks - aka Standing Rib Roast.  Good luck for the coming season Tim and we hope he can get a bit more Harris Meats Beef to help him get into the team for the Rio Olympics!


Amberley 4 Square Sells Harris Meats Products 

680_Harris Meats Amberley 4 square Harris Meats and Amberley 4 Square Supermarket are working very closely together to ensure our Amberley customers have every opportunity to get their favourite Harris Meats products. While many of our products have been available at the 4 Square Supermarket for some years, the range has been extended. This will mean that you can now get our world famous Harris Meats family pies from Amberley 4 Square. Until now these have been only available directly from Harris Meats.

680_Harris Meats Amberley 4 squareOur popular dog rolls are also available from the Amberley 4 Square.

You will also be able to place orders at the 4 Square for any of our products. This will ensure you get exactly what you want, when you want it! Amberley 4 Square will also be the depot and pick up place for any orders coming down from our Cheviot factory daily, Monday to Friday. This includes those who have their stock processed at Harris Meats.  

680_Harris Meats Amberley 4 square3

With the opportunities this partnership offers us, we made the tough decision not to have a stall at the Waipara Valley Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. We were part of this market for many summers, and will certainly miss the camaraderie with the great stallholders and the wonderful interaction with our regular customers there.

Don't hesitate to contact us on 03 3198688 or email info@harrismeats.co.nz  to place any orders directly and discuss your specific options and arrange delivery times.

Shop Hours

Our Cheviot shop is open from Monday to Friday from 8 am - 5:30 pm.  Our meat is also for sale at the Cheviot Four Square supermarket so if you need something in the weekends, they should have a good supply.  We will be opening the shop again on Saturday morning in the spring/summer.

Satisfied Customers

EddiesFirstSausageWe love getting feedback from customers. We were absolutely delighted to receive this adorable photo of Eddie trying his first sausage.   His parents, Jeremy and Dena, wrote:

"The attached photo is of 7 month old Eddie complete with two whole teeth. As caring parents, we only want the best for our boy when it comes to food. Life is way too short for bad food.  So when it came time for our son to try the first sausage ever in his life, there was only one place to go, Harris Meats Cheviot. A family favourite is the gourmet pork, so that’s what was offered. Devoured it very quickly as expected and was looking for more. So a big thank you to the team at Harris Meats for providing such high quality food, you just started another generation of very satisfied customers."

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Steak

Take the steak out of the fridge to let it reach room temperature before you cook it. Oil the steak, not the pan/hot plate and then season accordingly with salt and pepper. Don't season until you are ready to cook as salt can dry out the meat. Once you have finished cooking your steak, let the meat rest (loosely cover with tin foil) for at least five minutes before serving. Enjoy.



We've won lots of awards over the years.   Pictured here is the Harris Meats team after we won some gold medals in one of the sausage competitions a few years back. Click here to find out more details including about our gold medal winning sausages.
Join our Team

Join our Team

We currently employ 45 staff at Harris Meats.  As well as fully qualified butchers and slaughtermen, staff are also involved in quality control, engineering, small goods production, packing, retail and administration.   We offer apprenticeships to young people who are keen to thoroughly learn all aspects of the butchery trade.  If you are reliable and prepared to work hard, contact us as there may be an opportunity for you now.

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